PRESS RELEASE: Bluejacket Authentic Threads Takes Off

Cleared For Launch: Bluejacket Authentic Threads Takes Off
Navy veteran opens doors of clothing company

Charleston, South Carolina-June 2017

Bluejacket Authentic Threads, a custom designed military themed apparel company, has opened its virtual doors of a new online store, located at 

"I am incredibly excited and honored to launch a company by and for Navy veterans," said John Haynes, Founder and Owner of Bluejacket Authentic Threads. "While military clothing is everywhere these days, trendy Navy-themed clothing designs are few and far between."

Born from several conversations between then shipmates and close friends Haynes and TJ Waldhauser while on deployment to the Persian Gulf in 2012, Bluejacket Authentic has made a commitment to receive artistic input and feedback from veterans across America.

"There are many talented veterans hidden in the ranks," Haynes said. "While the first designs come solely from myself, I fully intend on partnering with other artists, entrepreneurs, and other experts throughout the vet community to continue sharing our story."

Waldhauser passed away in April 2017. Since then, Haynes made a commitment to launch the business the two Sailors dreamed of overseas.

"Bluejacket Authentic is more than just another guy selling shirts," Haynes said. "It's about carrying on the legacy of the many great Americans of all colors, genders, and backgrounds that have served our Armed Forces. That is the single driving force behind everything we do." 

To learn more about the company or to book an interview, contact John Haynes via email,, visit the website at, or like the Facebook page at


Katie Hartnett:

I was TJ’s Admin Officer while he was with the U S Naval Sea Cadet Corps- Suncoast Air Squadron. I’m very touched to see this and will spread the word. BZ guys! You all called him Waldo.. we called him TURTLE. Please do something with a TURTLE on it too. :)

Well done!

Jun 16, 2017

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